Of the many dietary fiber supplements on the market, Prevention Magazine’s experts chose just six to recommend to readers for better digestion. It’s quite an honor that CAVU Nutrition Sunfiber made this cut, and was named the Best Prebiotic Fiber

The magazine enlisted two experts to evaluate the research and customer reviews. Six were selected for their ability to “work wonders on constipation and other GI issues.” CAVU Nutrition Sunfiber was praised because it is gentle on the GI system. 

The editors also noted that it works without additional excess gas and bloating, and without altering the taste of foods and beverages. (Sunfiber can be added to recipes for baked goods as well as savory foods without affecting their taste, aroma or consistency. It is also an excellent smoothie ingredient.)

As a prebiotic fiber, Sunfiber promotes a healthy gut flora which supports digestive health and overall wellness. Some dietary fibers can limit the absorption of macronutrients or essential minerals such as magnesium and calcium into the body. Sunfiber does not inhibit the absorption of macronutrients and helps support the absorption of such minerals.